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Hill Climb Racing 2: Strategies to Help You Win Big

Hill Climb Racing 2 is one of the most fun and action-packed driving games on the market. Because of its predecessor’s success, this sequel is more exciting and better than before. In this game, you get to race with your friends online or against strangers worldwide. That’s why you need to show off your skills and unique stunts by using the strategies listed below.

Practice Your Jumps with Adventure Mode

Playing online can be a tough challenge. So you’ll need to practice your stunts first by timing your jumps properly. You need to first understand the basic controls. The right pedal is the gas, and the left one is the brakes. Pressing the right pedal while jumping will tilt your vehicle’s nose upward. Hitting the brakes will tilt the automobile downward. Flipping in mid-air can get you some sick points when you battle other racers online.

If you’re not confident yet about your tricks, you can always practice in Adventure Mode. It’s the “endless” stage of the game where you continuously race through the track’s increasing difficulty. It’s the perfect training ground to practice your stunts and figure out what upgrades your vehicle needs.

Hill Climb Racing-2 Strategy


Unlock New Vehicles & Upgrade Them

The second strategy is to upgrade your vehicle as soon as possible. You’ll encounter tough players online and it’s going to be a tough climb for first place if you don’t upgrade. Coins are needed to upgrade your vehicle so make sure you get as many as you can during your races.

The other reason why you need to upgrade your automobile is you’ll need to be in your best condition in Cup Mode. Winning races on this game mode increases your rank. And when your title increases, you get access to new vehicles. The unlocked vehicles possess greater stats than the standard ones. They’ll definitely give you the competitive edge during online play.

Take Advantage of The In-Game Rewards

Lastly, you need to take advantage of the game’s rewards to keep your competitive side up to par. Winning races gets you a reward box as well as watching in-game advertisements. Take advantage of these freebies so you’ll always have coins to spend on upgrades. And there you have it, our best strategy guide to Hill Climb Racing 2. Put these tips to good use by playing Hill this awesome physics-based driving game on your PC! The best physics-based driving simulator deserves to be played on the ultimate gaming platform. Go check out and download the game for free now!