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Hill Climb Racing 2: How to Earn More Coins in The Game

Hill Climb Racing 2 puts you on the path of Newton Bill and his dream of becoming the best Hill Climb Racer. You can now show your tricks and stunts to other players online by playing in Multiplayer Mode. Aside from that, you can team up with your friends by creating a race team! Climb the leaderboards and make sure to unlock the multiplayer team chests.

But the path to the top of the leaderboard is difficult. You need the best upgrades on top of the most powerful vehicles. And you’ll need coins to make it happen. Now while the game is generous enough to give you free currency at times, it might not be enough to keep you at a competitive advantage. Luckily for you, we prepared a few tips you can use to earn more coins in the game!

Hill Climb Racing 2 Coin Hacks


Eight Handy Tips To Earning Coins in Hill Climb Racing 2

  1. Chests are the reason why you get many coins. Get more chests by winning more races. Then open them by watching ads.
  2. Keep an eye out on free chests. They don’t have conditions so just tap away. There will also be times when you’ll get free upgrades. You can see it on the Upgrades Menu.
  3. You can farm coins in Adventure mode offline. Even though the terrain is hard and rough, the money you earn will make it worthwhile. So make sure to unlock this mode as early as possible.
  4. Increase your air time by doing more tricks. This can help you earn more coins. The more stunts you pull off, the more coins you get to win.
  5. Win more Cups. If you earn 1st place, you will be given more coins as a bonus. Increasing your rank in this mode also lets you unlock more vehicles.
  6. In Adventure mode, unlock the City Stage. It is an easy stage where the game drops a lot of coins the longer you play.
  7. Make sure to drop sick tricks like Wheelies and Flips. They generate more coins in the game.
  8. Focus on your goal, and don’t mind the speed when playing in Adventure mode. Conquer the obstacles so you can get more coins.

So those are the eight tips to earn more coins in Hill Climb Racing 2. Make sure to employ these cool pieces of advice early in your journey. Then download our free-to-play PC version so you can get access to the ultimate gaming experience. Play with full-screen graphics and customizable keymaps!