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Hill Climb Racing 2 – What Update 1.41 Brings To The Game

Fans of the original Hill Climb Racing game are in for a treat with Hill Climb Racing 2. This racing game that’s developed and published by Fingersoft provides a better game than its predecessor. It has better overall graphics, a more challenging racing course to control, and more fun and exciting vehicles to use. But it still follows the original gameplay, where you will have to properly control and balance your vehicle. You don’t want to do a wheelie too much and cause the vehicle to tip backward.

When on the air, you don’t want to lean forward too much and risk tipping forward. It’s a great blend of excitement, challenge, and fun. But what’s great about Hill Climb Racing 2 is that the developers make sure the game is constantly updated. This also ensures that players will always have something new to look forward to whenever they play this racing game.

The latest update that the developers provided the game is update 1.41. This latest update brings several new contents for players to enjoy. It also provided several improvements as well as bug fixes. In this article, let’s discuss further what this update brings to Hill Climb Racing 2.

Seasonal Aesthetics To the Game

One of the first things that you’LL notice after you applied the latest update is that the overall aesthetics changes. The game’s theme will be more holiday-themed with the map background being covered in snow. The menus are also more attuned with the holidays. Some of the maps, trophy roads, and items are also holiday-themed. The developers call the new aesthetics “Driftmas”. It’s a fun and cool way to say that Hill Climb Racing 2 joins you in celebrating the holidays.

Hill climb racing 2 Driftmas

A New Cup To Participate In

Aside from holiday-themed aesthetics, update 1.41 also brings a new cup for players to participate in. It’s called the Desert Caves and as the name suggests, you’ll race on a desert-themed map with several caves. This makes for a challenging course in its own right. Primarily, some areas have a cave ceiling, and jumping too high would cause you to hit it. If you’re unfortunate enough to let it happen, it’ll slow down your momentum.

It’s a 3-race cup, which means you will need to win at least 2 of the races to get a gold trophy at this cup. It’s a fun course to participate in and another challenge for you to overcome in Hill Climb Racing 2. You can choose to practice the course in single-player mode or step up the experience against other players online.

New Driver Look & Vehicle Skin

Update 1.41 also brings a new driver look and vehicle skin for you to acquire in the game. The new driver look is CLAWS and the new vehicle skin is CLAW’s Rotator. CLAWS is a demonic being that awoke from his underground slumber because of the revving engine and screeching tire sounds. He will be joining the race to try and ruin “Driftmas” for everyone involved.

To join the races, CLAWS has stolen a sleigh and made some modifications to it, dubbing it as CLAW’s Rotator. CLAWS is a mean-looking driver skin that’s very awesome to use, and his vehicle is just as great. Use both skins to strike fear into your opponents during the holiday season.

hill climb racing 2 update

Of course, it can also backfire and motivate your opponents to drive their best to try and beat you. So make sure you practice your racing skills. You can check our “How-to-play” guide to learn the basics. Then once you’ve got the hang of it, leave your enemies in the dust as the fearsome CLAWS!

Improvements & Bug Fixes

Aside from the new content, update 1.41 also brought improvements and bug fixes to improve your overall experience. One improvement added is that you will now have the ability to change the sound-fx and music volume separately. Before this can’t be done, so when you lower the music volume, the sound-fx is also lowered. But now you can keep one volume high while lowering the other.

Another improvement is the addition of seasonal event types, as well as strengthening the game’s anti-cheat system. The developers want to make sure that hackers won’t be able to cheat their way into dominating the game. They improved some security measures to keep the competition fair and square. In terms of fixes, one of the bugs fixed is the “I need more cups!” achievement not unlocking. Players can now get the achievement with no additional problems.

Now that Hill Climb Racing 2 has new content and quality-of-life improvements, all you need to do is play it. You can download the game for free on PC with our free download version. Master the laws of physics and dominate the racing course by playing on a bigger screen!